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Welcome to the official website of Nuclear Winter Studios.

NWS is a skilled team of artists, designers and programmers from all around the world, dedicated to deliver quality gaming experiences to the public.

- Mads Trolle, Lead Designer

Press release for Nuclear Winter Studios

01/08-2004 was the day that saw the birth of a new company - Nuclear Winter Studios (NWS). For now Nuclear Winter Studios is relying purely on volunteer work – our only goal is producing non-profit expansions and mods for existing computer games, especially Fallout II.

Right now we´re working on a large expansion for Fallout II, entitled Mutants Rising. This expansion will take place in a part of the world of Fallout never seen before, and thus will present a brand new story with an all original map, dotted with new cities. What we´re working on is purely an expansion - it relies on the original engine and will bring fans of Fallout a gaming experience representing the great atmosphere of the original game.

Currently twenty freelancers - ranging from programmers to 3d-artists and dialogue writers -from all around the world form NWS. This number, however, is steadily increasing as the current project, Mutants Rising, is shaping up.

As work on MR progresses, the hunger for more grows: Mutants Rising is far from being NWS's only project. Already several other projects are on the sketchboard. Intense brainstorming is giving birth to several smaller mods for Fallout II, and a tutorial that helps out any future Fallout II modders. 

But wait, there´s more.. A brand new game is being sketched out. This will be like nothing we´ve done before - it will be a brand new game with its own story and qualities. Work on it will not commence before MR has been finished, so for now no more details are to be released.

- Nuclear Winter Studios

26. Mar 2006
DDoS attack
As you might experienced NWS (and other domains) have been unavileble this weekend. That is due to a massive distributed denial of service attacks against our nameservers. The issue should be fixed now.
Thank you for your understanding.

1. Jan 2006
Happy new year!
Everyone here at NWS just wants to say happy new year, we hope all had a good chrismas and have had a good start on the new year.

1. Dec 2005
New Guy
Mr D.Mon has joined the team, and is working hard so that we have greater compatibility, and higher performance on our new server. Everything seems to be going well.


17. May 2005
Server move update
After a lot of trouble with the phone company and the ISP we are now back online, running from a temporary service provider (Thanks HKH). Our own line will be up in a few weeks. So have no fear, we are back on the surface - alive and kicking!


Mads Trolle
Timothy Malmros "Snake" Genach
Timo "mad" Komulainen

Dave "Lust" Williams
Mads Trolle
Teppo "Eimink" Kauppinen

Rein "Khagan" Tveit
Timothy Malmros "Snake" Genach

Story and Writing
Stephen "SNorth" North

Slaven "Lisac2k" Ostojic
Teppo "Eimink" Kauppinen
Timo "mad" Komulainen

We don't currently have any vacancies.


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Fallout 2: Mutants Rising
A Fallout mod of a scale never seen before.
Features include a whole new world map, dotted with cities full of quests;
A new storyline; Original art featuring in-game cutscenes, loading screens,
new items and new weapons; Atmospheric music, faithful to the tracks of original games.
Mutants Rising is everything you could expect from a whole new chapter of Fallout.

Fallout 2 Dialog Builder
We are working on a dialog builder for Fallout 2. It makes writing dialogs easy and can convert them into .ssl or .msg files.

SPR2FRM is a tool which is being developed in cooperation with Team-X. It´s a tool that converts Fallout: Tactics frames to Fallout 2 frames.

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